univeral themes: Awareness, Nutrition, Movement

Spiraling to Wellness

About the series:

Spiraling to Wellness was born in 2013 as Nourishing Storm was growing its team and community. Owner Kristin Ritter was looking for a way to tie together all of the classes and teachers’ offerings, which led to the idea of having a universal theme for each month. These themes – love, connection, beauty, peace, balance, strength, trust and more – were woven throughout Nourishing Storm’s inspired classes, events, cafe offerings, adventures and stories. There was so much to share that it made sense for Kristin to incorporate these “tools” as we call them into a journal with each chapter focusing on a theme and organized according to three healing principles- awareness, movement and nutrition.

The journals are about cultivating:

– Soulful, delicious living

– Passionate, purposeful work

– Beautiful, meaningful relationships

– The ability to truly savor every moment

Each chapter includes:

– Inspiring quotes

– Stories

– Exercises

– Powerful questions

– Fun food tie-ins

– Yoga poses

– Mantras

…. and so much more!

Spiraling to Wellness Layer 1 Themes:













Spiraling to Wellness Layer 2 Themes:













How to purchase the journals:

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“Spiraling into Wellness is truly one of the most beautiful books I own. Not only is it a book, but a journal as well which I just love. It wonderfully written and keeps me on track with my personal journey. I have learned so much about myself since I began spiraling into wellness. I bring it with me everywhere I go.”  – Tricia

About the Author

Kristin S. Ritter

Kristin set out on her path 17 years ago to find ways to help others heal and find wellness through movement and nutrition. After being certified as an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Kristin found Yoga and completely fell in love with the peace it brought her as well the connection she felt with every living being. She continued studying Yoga, earning her 200 RYT in Vinyasa Flow which ignited the fire to light her path for growth and much deeper understanding as she opened up Nourishing Storm Wellness Company located in Hatboro, PA.

Her passion for sharing healthy eating really came alive in her first pregnancy, as she realized that our bodies, every action we take, even every thought we have, comes from what we eat. From that point, she looked to nature for nourishment and has never looked back. She continued her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® to be Holistic Health Coach to coach clients both in her studio as well as throughout the nation, conducting nutritional seminars at health clubs and wellness centers. 

When she is not on her mat, playing with her two beautiful children, cooking up a storm at the cafe, or looking for the next trail or paddle board to test her practice on, she is reading and writing about wellness through awareness, movement and nutrition. Her life’s work is now dedicated to creating harmony between yoga and food, making healthy (soulful) living accessible, joyful and nourishing for all!

In Spring of 2018 she launched her first book “Spiraling to Wellness” which discusses the first 12 themes of Nourishing Storm and contained within each chapter are stories, powerful questions, recipes, yoga and movement practices, mantras and much more! In Summer of 2019 Layer 2 was launched diving deeper into the next 12 themes. 

The moment I met Kristin Ritter I knew there was something extraordinary about her.  So after attending a few of Kristin’s yoga classes I wanted more and asked her for some personal coaching to help me take off excess weight.  Kristin’s amazing instincts and skillful probing quickly put me in touch with the root of my insecurity, long held fears that had nothing to do with my waist size.  Her deep understanding and broad knowledge of holistic health and human psychology soon set me on my path to healing. While reading the pages of Spiraling to Wellness I relived those memorable coaching sessions and once again felt the love, compassion, wisdom and inspiration that flow so freely from the heart and mind of this beautiful human being."

- John