Rachael is a fitness enthusiast, ultra-runner, Registered 200-hour yoga instructor, entrepreneur, passionate environmentalist, and dedicated home cook.

Fitness, mindful eating, and yoga is a huge part of her everyday routine, and today sharing these tools is her passion.

Deepening her yoga practice, Rachael decided to teach yoga in 2019. She is well versed in Vinyasa Flow and focuses on integrating alignment and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. Rachael likes to incorporate meditation and breathing techniques in every session, as well as bits of wisdom she finds through her daily readings.

Rachael believes that yoga is foundational to deepen your connection within your self and with your body. Helping you release toxic emotions, and leaving you with a more peaceful and invigorated mind.

Giving back is the driving force of all of her initiatives. Rachael feels that it is incredibly essential to spread a message of hope to everyone.

As a student of life, Rachael strives to never stop learning, innovating, and creating.