Healing Energy

Pranic Healing

The Pranic Healing system was created by Master Choa Kok Sui. It operates on the “energy body” or “subtle body.” As humans, we have a physical body and an energy body that is emitted from and encapsulates us. This is also known as our aura. Our energy body holds vast amounts of information that the practitioner can examine and then work to correct if need be. It can tell us, for example, if there has been an injury, a trauma of any kind, or a depletion of any kind, or even any type of disease. The practitioner can then utilize this information to begin the process of healing and the movement of energies.

The namesake “Pranic” comes from the word Prana, or life force. In most healing systems, this life force either refers to our breath or the Universal energy that surrounds us.  Healers have the ability to work with this energy because they can see, feel, or in some way sense it and any issues that my be occurring within it.

Our energy body also has the ability to hold onto memories and emotions, just like our physical body does. If the emotions and memories are of a low vibration/negative nature, they will effect us in subtle ways for a very long time. Maybe we are in the constant state of exhaustion or feeling drained? Maybe we have issues with chronic anxiety? Depression? Should the same energy from those emotions and memories remain there, stagnant, it will eventually seep down and absorb into our physical body where it causes tangible issues and disease.

A potential bonus of Pranic healing is that there is no physical contact between the practitioner and recipient at any point because the physical body is not the focal point.  In fact, the recipient does not even need to be in the same country as the practitioner! Pranic healings can be transmitted remotely. You don’t need to leave the house!

Note- Pranic Healing is in no way intended to replace a medical or psychological professional. For more information, contact us.

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