Our Story

September 23rd, 2016 – Dana received notice he was being transferred from Northwest Pennsylvania to Southwest Pennsylvania on October 1st.

October 2016 – Dana first went to the Nourishing Storm in Hatboro, PA to check out the yoga studio and cafe. There was something magical about the place and after the holidays Dana began attending classes there.

May 2017– Tuesday the 23rd Dana attended a Yoga Spirit class. Mindy had that class write a check to the universe for the New Moon (25th of October). Asking to find the perfect Yogini, Dana wrote his check to the Universe. After leaving the Nourishing Storm the next evening, Dana nearly ran into Johanna in the parking lot of the apartment complex they both lived at. They had their first date the following day. Dana burnt his check to the Universe on the New Moon and met Johanna for their date. He fell in love on the New Moon.

Back up a few years to 2014 – Dana attended his first Yoga class and knew then that he would eventually become an instructor and open a studio. After attending his first class at the Nourishing Storm in December of 2016, he knew he would complete Yoga Teacher certification at that studio. 3 years later he and Johanna opened their own Storm, Inspiring Storm!

Dana completed Yoga Teacher certification and Zumba Teacher certification in 2018 and began teaching Line Dance in 2017.

On a Stormy Day in July 2019 Dana, Johanna and Kristin talked and they decided to License the Nourishing Storm and thus began the road to the creation of Inspiring Storm. After looking at several spaces, Dana and Johanna found the perfect spot and everything else began to fall into place.

Thus became Inspiring Storm, a wellness company that offers Yoga & Dance weekly classes, monthly events, private and group sessions and parties. The Inspiring Storm staff are passionate, dedicated and excited to meet you! Inspire Through Movement!!