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Healing Arts


Dhyana (Meditation), one of the 8 limbs of yoga, is the state of absorption with a focus on simply being.  It is a practice that takes time and patience and one that is more about depth than length. The benefits include but are not limited to: stress relief, mental clarity, improved mood, enhancement in self-esteem and self-acceptance, strong immune system, heightened energy levels and a greater connection top yourself and all those around you.  There are many methods and ways to get there, it simply takes patience and dedication to find the best one for you. Come experience and discover a variety of methods to the practice in a safe and supported environment.


A Reiki Share is a gathering of healers and Reiki Practitioners who come together with the intention of sharing healing Life Force Energy known as Reiki. Our Reiki Shares are conducted in a comfortable, casual, friendly environment and begin with a brief introduction on the subject of Reiki. Those receiving Reiki are fully clothed, and may sit in a chair or recline on yoga mats and blankets. The experience of Life Force Energy from the Reiki Practitioners and healers are for the highest good of the recipient and experiences may differ as each are unique to them.